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Smoking babies ultrasound should shock you

Study Shows Unborn Babies Grimace as Their Mother’s Smoke

Bailrigg, England – A joint study from researchers from the University of Lancaster and the University of Dunham seems to indicate that unborn children are responsive to the effects of their mother’s smoking. The researchers used advanced ultrasound equipment which can graph the unborn children in 4-D. Using the imaging devices, they examined the response of unborn children as their mother’s would smoke cigarettes. The results were deeply troubling.The high-definition scans showed the unborn children seemingly “grimace” and motion their hands over their eyes and faces as their mothers inhaled the smoke. In fact, the study found the unborn children of smoking mothers to have much higher rates of movement. Apparently, something in the smoke reaches their systems causing them to physically react. Images of the children seemingly recoil at their mother’s actions were disturbing. Prior studies have found speech impediment problems in the children of smoking mothers. The study followed twenty unborn children during the third trimester of the pregnancy cycle. Only four of the unborn children had smoking mothers. The smoking mothers lit up an average of 14 cigarettes a day. The other unborn children belonged to non-smoking mothers. Thankfully, in every case the children were born healthy.