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Who We Are?

About Wrightwood Medical
Wrightwood Medical was created to address the rapidly rising health care costs and the need for cost-effective alternatives to buying expensive new equipment without sacrificing quality. Wrightwood’s mission is to supply state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment at a fraction of the cost. Over the years we have succeeded in providing our customers with the best pricing, the most cutting edge equipment, and the most comprehensive follow-up service in the industry. We have proven that saving money does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or service. Knowledge, craftsmanship and speed are just some of the attributes that have helped Wrightwood become the premier leader in the ultrasound field. By working with us, you can buy with confidence and know that your satisfaction is the highest
priority of our personalized customer service. Choose Wrightwood Medical to meet all your equipment needs.
Wrightwood President and Founder
Andy Goldman President, Wrightwood Medical