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Prattville medical center unveils new arterial ultrasound machine


The Alabama Wellness and Prevention Center in Prattville recently showed off its new arterial ultrasound machine.

The science behind the ultra-sound detects whether the arteries in your neck are clear or blocked.

Medical statistics show that someone has a heart attack every 36 seconds in America and a stroke every 40 seconds.

Dr. David Wright says the arterial ultra-sound is very accurate, and the exam is non-invasive.

“The accuracy of measuring the arterial thickness is within a thousand of a millimeter; much finer than the human hair, so we can track changes with time and we can tell if your arteries are getting younger because of your efforts or not,” said Dr. David Wright.

“The reason we checked the carotid artery is because we’re able to visualize that the best through ultrasound. If we find thickening there [then] we know that’s the same throughout the body, so you don’t just have thickening in the carotid artery you have that throughout your body, which again can cause strokes and heart attacks. It’s caused by diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle, obesity; anything that cause inflammation,” said Nurse Practitioner Hayley Gutherie.

Wright says ‘aging arteries’ can easily be reversed by adopting a healthier lifestyle. You can reach the Alabama Wellness and Prevention Center in Prattville at 334-365-2205.

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