Ultrasound ‘portraits’ a growing trend for moms-to-be

Jul 28, 2014
What started as a way for expectant mothers to have a day of pampering has turned into a little bit more for the staff at Sweet Dreams Ultrasound Studio. Kelly Gates, one of the partners, said the studio at 200 Chatillon Road originally offered maternity photos and massages for moms-to-be but now takes the whole... Read more »

Ultrasound Effective for Detecting Kidney Stones

Jul 28, 2014
Ultrasound is safe and effective when used to detect and remove renal stones without exposing patients and operating room staff to radiation, according to separate reports. A retrospective study published online ahead of print in Urology found ultrasound effective in the detection of renal stones. Toru Kanno, MD, PhD, and colleagues at Takeda General Hospital... Read more »

About Samsung Medison

Jul 14, 2014
Life begins with health and happiness based on Samsung’s cutting-edge technologies. Samsung Medison is a global leader in manufacturing medical devices. Founded in 1985, the company sells cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound devices around the world across various medical fields. The company attracted global attention in 2001 through the introduction of Live 3D technology. In 2011, Samsung... Read more »

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