About Samsung Medison

Jul 14, 2014
Life begins with health and happiness based on Samsung’s cutting-edge technologies. Samsung Medison is a global leader in manufacturing medical devices. Founded in 1985, the company sells cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound devices around the world across various medical fields. The company attracted global attention in 2001 through the introduction of Live 3D technology. In 2011, Samsung... Read more »

About Mindray North America

Jul 14, 2014
A company founded on innovation, accompanied by an enduring commitment to customer service and an unwavering dedication to improving patient care. Mindray North America through the products it manufactures and the service it delivers is committed to bettering the patient experience, while remaining viable to its stockholders. Mindray is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer... Read more »

Ultrasound tracks odor representation in brain

Jul 14, 2014
New ultrasound imaging technique has provided the first ever in vivo visualization of activity in the piriform cortex of rats during odor perception.. This deep-seated brain structure plays an important role in olfaction, and was inaccessible to functional imaging until now. This work also sheds new light on the still poorly known functioning of the... Read more »

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