Ultrasound First

Oct 20, 2014
Choose Point-of-Care Ultrasound First The more we learn about clinical ultrasound, the more we agree with the growing body of literature that indicates ultrasound is underutilized. In fact, we believe along with the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) that, in many scenarios, it should be the first—and only—tool necessary to aid in diagnosis... Read more »

Ultrasound revealing secrets of deadly abdominal aortic aneurysms

Oct 20, 2014
Researchers are exploring the usefulness of ultrasound imaging to study dangerous abdominal aortic aneurysms, a bulging of the aorta that is usually fatal when it ruptures and for which there is no effective medical treatment. Abdominal aortic aneurysms are the 13th leading cause of death in the United States, killing about 15,000 annually. “Most of... Read more »

UK medical students named masters of ultrasound

Oct 20, 2014
LEXINGTON, Ky. (Oct. 20, 2014) — A group of University of Kentucky medical students called the “Sonokittens” have distinguished themselves as the world’s savviest student sonographers with a win at the first-ever World Cup of Ultrasound Competition. The UK College of Medicine students who share a special interest in bedside ultrasound competed in the ultimate... Read more »

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