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Ultrasound Machines

  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiac
  • Vascular

With extensive value-added features, including enhanced image quality, MSK-specific presets, X-Site Transducers, and an intuitive interface, the t3200 will prove to be the best fit for your busy practice. Enhanced image quality and clarity provides detailed visualization of bony landmarks, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and soft tissue in both superficial and deep structures. OmniBeam increases spatial detail and accuracy of curved surfaces while TeraVision II provides refined texture and detail. Intuitive Interface makes navigation easy and integration into your practice seamless. Now, only Terason enables you to streamline your workflow and leverage laptop computer versatility creating an easy fit for your busy practice

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  • 19-inch high-resolution, flat screen monitor
  • Enhanced user interface
  • High resolution 4D endovaginal probe
  • VCAD automated imaging tool
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
  • CrossXBeam (CRI) enhances tissue and border differentiation
  • HD-Flow™
  • Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI)