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Ultrasound System Provides Enhanced Elastography Functions

An upgraded ultrasound system is now capable of providing both real-time tissue elastography (RTE) and point shear wave measurement (SWM) without changing probes.

The upgraded ARIETTA V70 is a compact, light-weight ultrasound system with an ergonomic design that is equipped with multiple functions and a range of surgical transducers to support a variety of specific procedures in each diagnostic field. Multi-layered and single crystal technologies allow efficient transmission and reception of the ultrasound pulse with minimal energy loss, increasing both the sensitivity and clarity of the images. The use of symphonic technologies, from wave generation to image display, assures that all technologies are harmonized.

The SWM feature automatically makes multiple shear wave propagation velocity (Vs) measurements within a region of Interest (ROI) with a single button press. An evaluation of the reliability of each Vs measurement is made, and the percentage of correctly detected measurements is displayed as the Vs efficacy rate (VsN). RTE relative tissue stiffness is measured by calculating tissue strain, which is induced by light vibration of the probe. An auto frame selection (AFS) algorithm and an assist strain ratio (ASR) function automatically locate the ROIs needed for fat lesion ratio, which enhances workflow and efficiency for breast elastography studies.

The ARIETTA V70 also supports comprehensive diagnosis of diffuse liver disease via RTE, providing a liver fibrosis index measurement function (LF Index) which reflects the degree of fibrosis, and SWM, which reflect the degree of fibrosis, inflammation, congestion, and jaundice. RTE is also compatible with contrast enhanced ultrasound, so that it can be used during surgery as a supplemental aid for the detection of additional lesions. The ARIETTA V70 is a product of Hitachi Aloka Medical (Tokyo, Japan).