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Toshiba : Medi Farcoo Acclaimed as a Trustful Supplier of Ultrasound Transducer Probe in China

With a wide range of ultrasound transducers, patient monitoring accessories and medical equipment batteries, Medi Farcoo Limited is recognized as a trustful supplier of ultrasound transducer probe for the worldwide customers.Shenzhen, Guangdong — (SBWIRE) — 02/09/2016 — Medi Farcoo has a wide variety of equipments and accessories that have great applications in the healthcare industry. Their products are supplied to a number of international clients and they often enjoy appreciations for their high quality and durable equipments. The company supplies ultrasound probes, patient monitor accessories and other products at great prices and with high-end configurations.

The ultrasound transducer that they supply has wide applications in the gynecology and obstetrician departments. They have a number of models to choose from the leading companies, such as Aloka, Toshiba, Phillips, Siemens and others. These CE/ISO certified probes are available in excellent conditions and they ship the product globally, packed in a safe box. The transducer probes are safe to use for the patients and there is no risk of any allergic reactions. The probes are compatible with a number of systems and offer precise test results.

The company has an adorable ultrasonic transducer range that can be used for endovaginal or gynecological probes. The transducer is compatible with major systems from the popular companies and can be used for the diagnosis of patients in a safe and friendly environment. They export the product packed in a box and require a delivery time of 30to 10 days to ship it anywhere in the world. The spokesperson of the company reveals that the product is quite popular among the global clients and they ship it to a number of clients on a regular basis.

Amidst a variety of patient monitor accessories, Medi Farcoo’s patient monitor cable is a popular product worldwide. Customers can choose from different models with sensors and different pins to meet their requirements. The cable is compatible with a number of systems that are widely used in the medical industry. Made of the TFU material, the cable is generally available in 3m lengths. However, custom lengths are also possible.

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About Medi Farcoo Limited
Medi Farcoo is a professional supplier of ultrasound transducers and patient monitor accessories. It is established in Shenzhen, China, with the goal to build a better life for people all around the world. The company offers Competitive and Excellent performance of Compatible Medical Ultrasound Transducers for the major brands, such as GE, ALOKA, HP, ESAOTE, TOSHIBA, MINDRAY, SIEMENS and other companies.