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Results Confirm Effectiveness of Echotherapy for Breast Fibroadenoma

A French therapeutic ultrasound company has announced the results of a German trial of its ecotherapy technology that have confirmed its effectiveness in the destruction of Breast FibroAdenoma nodules.

The results of the Breast FibroAdenoma (BFA) trial in which 27 patients were enrolled, were presented at the German Congress of Senology in Dresden, Germany, at the end of May 2016. The aim of the study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the new technique.

The trial took place at Tübingen University (Tübingen, Germany). The researchers used therapeutic ultrasound technology developed by Theraclion (Malakoff, France).

Biopsies were performed 12 months after the ecotherapy procedure and showed that nearly 24 of the 27 patients (nearly 90%) had no residual vital BFA tissue. All the patients except for one were prepared to recommend the procedure. The original aim of the non-invasive BFA treatment was to reduce the volume of BFAs, however the new trial confirmed that complete tissue destruction was also possible. The procedure does not using ionizing radiation, and could be used to treat breast cancer patients in the near future.

CMO of Theraclion, Michel Nuta, said, “These results are extremely encouraging. Echotherapy has initially been designed for volume reduction of a nodule, not for its complete destruction. These preliminary results show that there is reason to believe that by adapting the protocol, complete tissue destruction can be obtained.”