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REG-ContextVision demonstrates prototype of new ultrasound technology

ContextVision AB (OSE: COV), the medical imaging software company, today announced the development of a prototype based on a new and groundbreaking technology. This technology enables ultrasound imaging to be automatically optimized for each patient. The concept was demonstrated to a few select potential customers during the medical imaging industry’s most important gathering, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

“The new technology represents a major leap in the automatization of ultrasound functionality as we are using a completely new concept to optimize the image for each patient. The prototype also demonstrates that ContextVision has come a long way in including artificial intelligence into medical imaging software,” said CEO Anita Tollstadius.

ContextVision is the industry leader in sophisticated software for medical image enhancement and analysis. The use of ultrasound for diagnostics and guidance during treatment is growing. An increasing number of patients represent challenges for accurate ultrasound imaging, due to obesity, excessive muscle mass or age related diseases. Providing accurate ultrasound images of these patient groups can be difficult and time consuming. Automated adjustment into the optimal image quality will improve diagnostic accuracy and save time.

ContextVision’s new prototype VEPiO (Virtual Expert Personal Image Optimizer) is built on the company’s newly developed Virtual Expert platform, which is trained to artificially simulate an expert opinion, with an extremely high accuracy. By using artificial intelligence, including deep learning technologies, the new prototype is able to automatically optimize the images for each individual patient, even during the more challenging patient scans. The result is shorter scanning times, improved diagnostic accuracy and less discomfort for the patient. A patent application for the technology on several modalities was filed last year.

About ContextVision
ContextVision’s cutting edge technology helps doctors interpret medical images, a crucial basis for accurate diagnosis and treatment. ContextVision provides state-of-the-art medical image analysis and enhancement software to equipment manufacturers worldwide. The company started out as an industry pioneer more than 30 years ago, and is today the global leader within specialized software for 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, Mammography and CT.  The company is investing heavily in R&D in order to expand its technology platform. ContextVision is based in Sweden and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker COV. For more information, please visit

About deep learning
Deep learning is the fastest growing area of machine learning. Deep learning mimics the brain to create a self-learning computer. It uses neural networks, many layers deep, and large datasets (“Big Data”) to teach computers how to detecting recognizable patterns in data. Deep learning is used in the research community and in industry to help solve many big data problems such as speech recognition and face recognition.

For further information, please contact ContextVision’s CEO, Anita Tollstadius, telephone +46 70 337 3026.