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Portable Ultrasound Kit Will Revolutionize Healthcare Worldwide

Professor Yonina Eldar at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) has developed a portable ultrasound kit that will allow those living in rural or disaster areas to have easier access to medical tests and consultations.

Ultrasound machines are generally very large and require the expertise of a trained technician to operate. The machines generate a lot of information that also require a trained eye to understand and interpret, which often takes several day. This time frame could be potentially crucial to the medical condition being treated.

This new portable device, however, only processes relevant data that is simple for the user to understand. It also transmits full information directly to a remote physician who is then able to give follow up instructions to the physicians and users on site.

The ultrasound device can be used in many instances including examinations of organs, blood flow, and tumors, and during pregnancies to measure the health of a fetus. It can be used immediately following car accidents or other disasters which would allow doctors to be consistently updated on the condition of their patients.

This machine has the potential to bring advanced medical treatment to third world countries and to disaster areas which could increase quality of life and survival rates.