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Philips marks 20th consecutive year of No. 1 ranking in Overall OEM Service Performance IMV ServiceTrak™ Ultrasound All Systems Report

WHAT:  For the 20th consecutive year, Philips has received the No. 1 ranking in overall manufacturer performance in the IMV ServiceTrak™ Ultrasound All Systems Report.


WHY: Customers who use Philips products have ranked the company No. 1 in overall original equipment manufacturer service performance for the 20th year in a row. Additionally, Philips has been ranked first for 36 separate performance factors including system performance, service performance, training performance, remote services performance, service engineer performance and emergency service performance.


“In our industry, the sum totality of how customers engage with us throughout the entire customer lifecycle is one of the most important differentiators we can provide,” said Tom Kirkland, senior vice president of customer services, North America, for Philips Healthcare. “We are happy to accept this award, which represents the sustained, high-quality customer experience that we provide our clients, and underscores our commitment to helping them deliver high-quality care to their patients.”


One of the most recognized and trusted surveys in the health care industry, the 2012 ServiceTrak™ survey was based on the feedback of more than 1,900 customers, who were asked to rate manufacturers on multiple performance factors encompassing the product lifecycle.