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Mountable Ultrasound System Empowers Clinical Efficiency

A new ultrasound system developed for regional anesthesia, vascular access, and trauma applications provides a smart user interface that adapts to the user’s imaging needs.

The SonoSite SII is a portable, mountable system that can be used across multiple hospital environments for ultrasound-guided procedures on a daily basis, including a zero footprint option for constrained rooms. The system features a touch screen user interface that provides a logic-driven clinical menu that adaptively adjusts to the individual case. An embedded dual connector allows quick switching between ultrasound transducers with two simple taps of the screen, ensuring that the right transducer is always readily available.

To further accelerate end-to-end workflow, the SII comes with elevated transducer holders, a tray with a lockable drawer, large storage baskets, and a dedicated location for a gel bottle, all while minimizing device footprint. The SII also features proprietary DirectClear technology, which enhances rP19 and rC60 transducer performance by increasing penetration depth and contrast resolution for better visualization of nerves and vessels. The SonoSite SII is a product of Fujifilm SonoSite (Seattle, WA, USA), and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“The new SII ultrasound system expands on the design goals of our mountable legacy system by offering more functionality, and an even better user experience from start to finish,” said Brian Leck, VP of global direct sales at Fujifilm SonoSite. “We listened to clinicians, and delivered a product designed to maximize the efficiency of their ultrasound use. The SII captures the epitome of the SonoSite brand, allowing clinicians to confidently use the system from day one.”

“Clinicians wanted a system to drive better overall efficiency, whether it be less button presses on the system or more utility in the stand,” added Brian Noyes, VP of global marketing at Fujifilm SonoSite. “The SonoSite SII features a newly designed user interface that adapts to the imaging state, and brings the controls that are needed to the forefront. When you are scanning, you will see controls that are relevant to scanning. When you are in the frozen state, you will see controls related to measurements and calculations.”