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Smartphone Ultrasound: The MobiUS SP1 System


Product Overview
The MobiUS SP1 System -- Smartphone Ultrasound

Yes, it’s on a smartphone – where you can call up the future of medicine.

This is a game changer.  It’s quick and easy to use.  It can expedite diagnosis and guide injections, aspirations and line placements.  It’s so affordable that cost need not be a barrier to care.  Until now, 60% of the world did not have access to ultrasound. It was too costly or simply not portable enough to get to them. Those days are over.

  • Small and portable
    The MobiUS SP1 System can fit in your pocket and it’s light enough to take anywhere.  So you can take imaging to your patient, easily.
  • Easy
    We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the MobiUS SP1 is quick to learn and simple to operate.
  • Connected
    Images are readily stored in 8 GB capacity and quickly shared from the MobiUS SP1 smartphone ultrasound device via secure Wi-Fi, cellular networks or USB.
  • Affordable
    We’ve put imaging within the economic reach of healthcare professionals  – everywhere.  Now smaller, more resource-constrained facilities and healthcare teams can offer more complete care.