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Man stunned after seeing the face of his dead father appear in his unborn baby’s ultrasound photo

After losing his own father at the age of seven, the birth of Mark Wright’s daughter was twinged with the sadness of knowing the pair would never meet. 

But when looking at a 22-week scan of his unborn baby, the 30-year-old was startled by the image of his late father’s face on her skull.

With the outline of his father Chris’s eyes, nose and distinctive moustache clearly visible in the image, Mr Wright, who lives in Bulwell, Nottingham, said the scan makes him believe in ‘the supernatural’ for the first time. 

‘It’s like my dad is my guardian angel watching over us,’ said Mr Wright who works as a carer. 

‘I was only very young when my dad died which was hard to adjust to but I was absolutely shocked when I saw the image of face in Amiyah’s scan.’

The image was taken when Mr Wright’s partner Kimberley Wootton was 22 weeks pregnant with their daughter, but the couple only discovered the resemblance recently after digging it out. 

‘Kimberley had been showing her friend an old baby scan picture of Amiyah when her friend pointed out the face,’ he added. 

‘She ran straight upstairs to get a picture of my dad and when she showed me the two photos together I couldn’t believe it.’ 


The couple have since shared the photograph with relatives who were stunned by the resemblance to his father. 

‘I’d never noticed it before but everyone we’ve showed it to since can see it. My mum nearly passed out from shock.

‘I’ve never believed in anything supernatural before, but seeing my dad’s face so clearly is just uncanny.’

Mr Wright’s girlfriend said that while the resemblance was ‘a bit freaky’ it helped her partner feel closer to his late father. 

‘I looked at it and suddenly saw Mark’s dad staring back. 

‘It was a bit freaky but since it’s happened Mark often looks at it and he feels closer to his dad as a result,’ said Miss Wootton.