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GE Healthcare Introduces Its First App-Based, Pocket-Sized Dual-Probe Ultrasound GE Healthcare Introduces Its First App-Based, Pocket-Sized Dual-Probe Ultrasound

GE introduces its first-app-based, pocket-sized dual-probe ultrasound

Bringing ultrasound care into every setting in any environment around the globe1, GE Healthcare recently unveiled its new generation of pocket-sized, dual-probe ultrasound, the Vscan Extend2. From the hospital and ambulance to more rural environments1, Vscan Extend uses incredible image quality and wireless connectivity3 to help users increase clinical confidence and improve patient care.

“Vscan Extend completely changes the game in how we are able to use ultrasound both inside and outside hospitals,” says Dr. Guy Lloyd, Clinical Cardiologist and Lead for Echocardiography at Barts Heart Centre in London. “For the first time on handheld ultrasounds, we can pre-populate the device with images thanks to the DICOM integration, which then cascades the images through PACS, enabling seamless collaboration with colleagues in our hospital system. As a result, we are able to provide rapid diagnostics to patients, increase efficiency, and save on cost.”

Vscan Extend offers an intuitive touch screen and weighs just 406 grams. Building on the success of GE Healthcare’s previous pocket-sized ultrasounds, the Vscan Extend offers smooth integration with hospitals’ DICOM systems4 to complement existing documentation and reporting solutions along with cloud-based image storage and communication5. Vscan Extend is GE Healthcare’s first ultrasound system to leverage the GE Marketplace that offers applications with a range of capabilities, such as assessing heart failure patients, measuring bladder volume, and offering cloud-based image communication. Vscan Extend comes with high level data security standards ensuring encrypted data both at rest and on the move.

“Clinicians benefit from immediate and simple access to medical imaging and care for their patients,” said Rob Walton, General Manager of Primary Care Ultrasound for GE Healthcare. “The Vscan Extend provides this expanded care, and will enable traditional ultrasound users in addition to reaching new and emerging users to help improve patient care around the world.”

With today’s increasing patient volumes and need for care both inside and outside hospitals, Vscan Extend helps adapt to new challenges with the combination of portability and high-quality. Today, Vscan Extend is commercially available in Europe; it will also be available in the United States by the end of the month.

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1 The device has been verified for limited use outside of professional healthcare facilities and has not been evaluated for use during transport. Use is restricted to environmental properties described in the user manual; please contact your GE Healthcare sales representative for detailed information.

2 Vscan Extend is not available in all countries.

3 Valid for systems with Wi-Fi configurations.

4 Valid for systems with DICOM configurations.

5 The Vscan Extend app includes the interface to Tricefy, a cloud-based case exchange solution which is separately provided by Trice Imaging. Customers may elect to try Tricefy via trial period by entering into an agreement with Trice Imaging. Trice Imaging bears sole responsibility for the Tricefy Uplink app and Tricefy cloud solution.

SOURCE: GE Healthcare