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Evolution 16 and MyLab Eight Take Center Stage for Esaote

At this year’s European Congress of Radiology (ECR), Esaote (Genoa, Italy), one of the world’s leading producers of medical diagnostic systems, took the opportunity to launch their latest ultrasound solution, called MyLab Eight and their MRI upgrade, Evolution 16. Massimo Rosa, chief marketing officer, provided an overview of how the company was wetting the appetite of its European customers with demonstrations and explanations of why these products offered considerable advances over existing solutions.

Currently, economic restraints operating within healthcare in Europe mean that manufacturers need to be cognizant of the pressures that customers face when making purchasing decisions. “Furthermore, working in this environment, we are challenged by the growing life expectancy of the population and there is a clear need to make so-called pre-diagnoses and anticipate specific pathologies using innovative diagnostic tools.”

Against this conflicting background of pressures in healthcare systems in Europe and elsewhere, Esaote are launching their ultrasound platform called MyLab Eight. “This should fulfil the need for a primary diagnosis with high clinical efficacy capabilities. We also try to offer the customer, the highest value for money, understanding their constraints on expenditure yet also their need for a high standard of diagnostic capability.”

MyLab Eight incorporates the new MPowered Engine to optimize high-density and single-crystal transducers to enable images to be captured at greater depth in the body with unprecedented quality in difficult-to-scan patients. There is also a new wideview monitor that offers sharp diagnostic image clarity with enhanced spatial and contrast resolution.

“It offers a platform that can be expanded in the future with the addition of high technological features,” said Mr. Rosa.

Also at ECR 2016, Esaote launched their dedicated MRI, Evolution 16. “This is an answer to the needs of MRI management, increasing throughput, image quality and addressing challenging patients such as those at the higher end of the size spectrum,” explained Mr. Rosa.

This year the package introduces new coils designed to improve the comfort of large patients, as well as clinical tools such as the brain imaging option. “This is aimed at increasing the return on investment for our customers and to qualify spending money on this kind of system. Evolution 16 presents customers with the option to continue to get value out of their system for a longer period of time by upgrading with the minimum of investment in tools and software innovation,” concluded Mr. Rosa.

Essentially, Esaote’s Evolution 16 offers customers the possibility to extend the lifecycle of their machine. “Your machine is never acquired absolute, it can always be improved in different ways—coils, software and image quality.”