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Elliptic Labs shows first Ultrasound UI for smart devices

Fortunately the folks at Elliptic Labs are not making smart wearable devices for fetuses. What they’re introducing instead is the world’s first “EASY IoT software” that works with Ultrasound presence detection and gestures to command smart devices of all sorts. This is an Internet of Things-centric technology, detecting your body or just your hand, setting itself into waiting or active mode, ready to be used at your command. It’s sort of like a remote start for your car – you’re not in the car yet, but the car is already running.

The product is called EASY IoT. This technology is embedded within smart devices like thermostats, kitchen appliances, lighting controls, and security systems. Each of these smart devices will be able to wake up, effectively, when you enter a room, ready for your command.

Sort of like a keyword to activate a smart assistant. Your smartphone, for example, might already be able to answer your questions after you say “OK Google.” This is very similar to that.

Some of the first examples of working products in the EASY IoT family are a lamp, smoke detector, and a wireless speaker.

“By working closely with mobile OEMs and their IoT innovation departments, we enables consumers to easier connect, control, and interact with IoT devices,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs.

“Ultrasound is such a versatile yet robust technology that creating solutions for home use, as we are demoing today, is just the beginning.”

Above you’ll see some earlier work done by Elliptic Labs on smartphones. Watch as the devices in-hand are awoken with Ultrasound technology, then commanded with gestures aplenty.

Now imagine this technology embedded in every device you have in your home. Walk in to your kitchen and the lights turn on, ready to hear your command for brightness level. Sit down on your couch and your television will be at the ready, prepared to be turned on with one gesture, then controlled with another.

We’ll see more of this technology at MWC 2016 – with products of all sorts throughout the year.