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Brain ultrasound can assess stroke risk

Ultrasound or sonography of abdominal parts is a common procedure, but now neurologists have for the first time devised a new technology called `neurosonology’ or the ultrasound of the brain. The development was discussed at the two-day annual national conference, Neurosonocon-2016.

Dr Arvind Sharma, a stroke specialist and the head of the department of neurology at a city-based private hospital, said that neurosonology has evol ved from neurology. Sharma is also the organizing secretary of the conference.

Sharma said that the potential threat of strokes can be determined with the ultrasound of the brain as it can detect occlusion in blood vessels. He said that neurosonology will be less costly and will present no risk of radiation. “We have a machine here but we will promote this modality across the country ,” he said. Neurosonology finds its primary application in fields such as neurology, neurosurgery , neuro-anasthesia, and neuro critical care.