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ALPINION’s E-CUBE i7 portable ultrasound won the iF Design Award for 2016

February 15, 2016

The E-CUBE i7, a portable diagnostic ultrasound system, gave the edge to ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS in winning the iF Design Award for 2016. The iF Design Award is one of the largest and most renowned industrial design competitions in the world alongside Red Dot (Germany) and IDEA (USA). In the category of Health/ Medicine, the E-CUBE i7 HCU (Hand-carried Unit) stood out amongst 5295 entries from 53 nations for this prestigious 2016 international award. The winner is selected by a prestigious jury of experts who evaluate on criteria including product design, workmanship, choice of materials, innovation, environmental friendliness, functionality, ergonomics and safety.

Since its introduction in October 2015, the award-winning E-CUBE i7 has been appreciated not only for its functionality and great image quality, but also its groundbreaking design of the world’s first ultrasound system equipped with a sliding keyboard cover. In the pursuit of innovation and ALPINION’s commitment to a user-focused design concept, the brilliant design of the E-CUBE i7 was inspired by an end-user’s idea at the beginning of the product development, and is designed specially to meet the wishes of end-users for reducing occupational injury in sonography.


Designed for users, the world’s first portable ultrasound with a sliding keyboard cover

The E-CUBE i7’s streamlined design provides a solution for users who suffer from wrist pain due to larger workloads and increasing pressure on wrists over a prolonged scanning time. The unique sliding keyboard cover and ergonomically located keyboard provide better support for a user’s arms and wrists when typing. Additionally, the sliding cover enables users to keep it closed when not using the keyboard, allowing it to be used as a space for a wrist rest. This reduces the fatigue and extends comfort even while scanning. This revolutionary attribute in the E-CUBE i7 was highly praised by the iF Design Award 2016.

This is not the first design award that ALPINION has received. ALPINION’s E-CUBE 9 had already received the iF Design Award 2011 and the RedDot Award: Product Design 2011.

Seok-Bin Ko, CEO of ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, said, “I am very proud of the E-CUBE i7, its design achievements, and the fact that the inspiration for the new portable ultrasound system’s design came from one of our customers. In accordance of ALPINION’s commitment to a user-focused product design philosophy, we will continue to correspond with end-users working in the field in order to integrate the user-experience and requirements in product development.” He added, “This award demonstrates that ALPINION with the E-CUBE i7 has truly gained international recognition in industrial design despite fierce competition with the world’s most well-known manufacturers.”