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ACUSON S Family of Ultrasound Systems, HELX Evolution with Touch Control

Feel the Innovation.

If you could design your own ultrasound system, what would you do? What would you focus on? That’s precisely what we asked ultrasound users just like you.

We conducted over 170 usability sessions and spoke with 395 healthcare professionals from around the world to find out what they wanted in an ultrasound system.

The result: Latest ultrasound technology that enables them to effectively manage today’s demanding caseloads.

Meet the new ACUSON S Family™ of ultrasound systems, HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control, designed with a dedicated focus on the user experience. These new ultrasound image processing systems are working to create new levels of workflow efficiency, imaging performance, and sustainability.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Improved workflow efficiency

HELX Evolution with Touch Control systems are designed with the sonographer in mind. Powered by intuitive, user-focused technologies, they promote streamlined processes for improved exam quality with less effort.


Explore how you can increase process efficiency and patient throughput with intuitive workflow innovations.

Maximized Imaging Performance

Maximized imaging performance

Utilizing latest ultrasound imaging technologies and diagnostic tools that expand your clinical capabilities, HELX™ Evolution with Touch Control delivers sharp, clear images so that you can make the first diagnosis the right one.


Strengthen clinical capabilities with enhanced imaging technologies that advance diagnostic clarity.

Enhanced Sustainability

Enhanced sustainability

From usability to technical compliance standards, Siemens has worked to ensure that the system you invest in today will be up-to-date and ready to integrate the most advanced technologies for years to come. This allows you to manage your costs without compromising your quality of care.


Investment protection with an upgradeable ultrasound architecture that addresses evolving needs.